Keep it calm, massage your own palm ✨

Sometimes you can find it hard to get back into things you use to enjoy doing, because you’re still holding on to memories of the past. You feel like you’re over it, but only parts of you really think that. For example, mentally you can be detached, whereas physically your body is telling you something different.

I’ve noticed how we avoid pain is by listening to our heads, rather than listening to our mind and hearts combined. This can lead you down a dangerous road. It has the potential to change you as a person, because you’re not able to see the damage you are doing to yourself. Once you wake up, you realise certain things need to be changed.
When you’ve been through bad experiences. It is having to untangle bare knots, similar to when you’re unravelling headphones. Sometimes you don’t know how to tell people what’s going and pretend to be fine, until it’s too late.

Could be the biggest mistake.. you find yourself further detached from reality, whilst still trying to make sense of moving times. It’s a funky concept, but I’m sure you can imagine what I mean. Hypothetically speaking, the clocks have moved forward but your laptop clock is still stuck on 12. You check your phone, it says 12:05. You see 12:05 on the household clock. You wonder why your laptop is still telling you it’s midday. See right there is how confusion is created. The analogy to describe how the mind works, when you’re not really with it.

So much goes on in that brain of ours that we forget to be still.

I’d recommend meditation music as it’s really calm, to help get you wind and forget about all the stressors that go on around you.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog post.

Let me know about any topics you would like me to talk about in the future.

Chanda D

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