#MusicAnalysis – Mabel x Kojo Funds – Finders Keepers 🎶📝

http://vevo.ly/EyppyV – (the link to the video on VEVO)

Mabel McVey is a singer, who was raised in Stockholm but now spends the majority of her time in London, England. Recently, she has built a following due to her smooth easy-flowing attitude that can be felt through the approach in her vocals and heard in her songs. She has released Bedroom, Thinking Of You, My Boy My Town , Finders Keepers Remix and last but least, Finders Keepers (the original) featuring AfroSwing artist Kojo Funds. She released two remixes of Finders Keepers, since the original came to light.

In this post, I will be focusing closely on Finders Keepers, because it describes the infamous situationships that occur in today’s society.

The song talks about the impossibility of being able to get someone ‘special’ off your mind.  So, the consequence of this situation is the magnetic attraction it creates between two people. It’s the battle of feelings for and against each other, as the song represents the desire to become one. This is because they have the parts that each other is looking for.

As the song goes on, it explains them coming to an agreement about how to deal with the circumstance they have found themselves in, even though both/either parties don’t particularly appreciate the attempts to advance the progress. There is a wish for all the indirect digital communication to stop, because the status quo is fine how it is. However, they are willing to compromise so they can enjoy time together as a duo, to explore the chemistry between them.

From the male perspective, he’s already got his mind made up and is waiting to be approached. He’s determined to share an intimate encounter with his lady, away from everyone in their own bubble. Similarly from the female perspective, she’s ready to be embraced by him, as she is all that he needs. She proclaims she’s all for him, because of his ability to have found her, so therefore the relationship between them can get started in full effect.

Overall, this song is very pleasant on the ears, because of the chill vibe it has to it and most people will be able to seriously relate to the lyrics in this song. It tackles the implications of real life situationships, which is why I believe the song is popular. Mabel’s vocals combined with Kojo Funds’ AfroSwing twist produces a great harmony between the both. They are both in sync with each other, so everything runs smoothly and you can feel that when you listen to the track.

Once you’ve heard it, it’s “Finders Keepers” to the listener😉

Finally, her music is available on all major music platforms- buy/stream on Apple Music , Spotify, Deezer etc.

Twitter & Instagram : MabelMcVey

Thank you for taking time to read the analysis and I hope you’ve understood the interpretation on it.

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Chanda D




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