#AlbumReview: The Odyssey: A Musical Journey by The HeavyTrackerz🎶👨🏾‍🚀👨🏾‍🚀


The HeavyTrackerz’s The Odyssey
The HeavyTrackerz are music producers, from Ivory Coast, Africa who have recently released their debut album The Odyssey: A Musical Journey. It contains 18 songs, featuring well known artists, MC and singers. Collaboratively, the project is described in the title of the album, as it takes us through a journey using different instrumentals and musicians, to provide us with stories from various angles. The story-like additions can be heard in the add ons (they use voiceovers to indicate where a new chapter has begun). It reminded me of reading a story book, with the cover pages stating each chapter. 

The songs effortlessly flow into one another and to bridge them together, they have used interludes at the beginning of most tracks. It involves a prepared speech to ease you in the next song. They have explored different themes: one theme I admired was Noel Clarke giving us an inspirational pep talk, on how to manage yourself in the music industry. I’ve noticed the length of the tracks are not too long and I think that’s what contributed to river flowing mood of the album.

Let’s get into it, I’m going to individually talk about a couple of tracks:

Rude Boy Flex is a perfect song for Lethal Bizzle, even the title is so signature to him. He’s known for catchy dynamic songs, which highlights the listeners to hear what he’s talking about on his music. This was definitely a good artist to feature on that tune. It has that unexpected punch-in-your-face vibe. You would listen to it and get pumped in the gym. This song features Ghetts and Face, who also know how to get the crowd hype, because they seem to project that loud energy in their lyrics. It makes you want to just let loose and get lost in the song, as you’re enjoying it so much.

Control features JME, P-Money & Donaeo. This song has to be one of my favourite songs on the album. The song is very well put together , as it includes melodic singing from Kurt and promotes a self-confident airwaves. It starts with JME (who also flexes his singing abilities on the track) , then P-Money slots in with his verse, MCing live and direct. Finally, Donaeo complete his minor verse with “We’ll be victorious”. Overall, the song has a calming but superior tone. You’ll listen to it and feel amped up to keep pursuing your goals.

Survivor features Doctor, Inch from Section Boyz and Joe Grind. We hear Inch’s signature Jamaican accent on this track and is accompanied by Doctor and rapper Joe Grind. The song discusses being a survivor and not everyone realising the types of battles you face every day.  Similarly, In The Air featuring Alika and Lady Chann has a urban touch to it. It would get your body moving in a club, because it has a sway-your-body from side to side type of vibe. Also, the end of the song has the skank out beat, similar to Skream’s material.

Everyone remembers Shola Ama right? Well she linked up with the duo to star on Lights. Her voice sounds so elegant on the track, that it will make you want to start singing along to it yourself. The beat definitely was well suited to match her.  It’s one of them tunes you would listen to in your car, whilst on a long drive or on your way to a motive (party, club, showcase). You can picture yourself listening to it whilst driving across Tower Bridge, in a fancy car. The song explains her transition and position in music, as she well-sought after by industry labels, but she won’t give in, as she is willing to stand strong within her own right.

In Black Widow, after the instrumental and chorus is left to run, it immediately goes straight into Capo Lee’s verse, followed by President T and Double S. This song talks about females playing hard to get, whilst being admired by many. Capo Lee touches on his history with high expectations, because he wants to stay simple and concentrate on his career, rather than be over-the-top with it. President T discusses the invisible resistance he places between himself and girls, preferring to remain being a serial independent male. Finally, Double S talks about factors he doesn’t want in the opposite sex, because he wouldn’t want to indulge in past experiences in new situations.

Last but not least, we have Manga St. Hilare, who’s known for the honesty within his lyrics. He has a flow that doesn’t beat around the bush, rather he says it as he sees it and is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. I believe this is what helps his delivery and contributes to how he sounds on the instrumentals he chooses. It’s simple and easy for him to just flow over. You understand everything word for word. For example, in Kore Wa Odessei Desu, he talks about his current status in Grime and how he is still standing, without having to involve any unnecessary gimmicks to prop himself up; everything he does is authentic.

Overall, well done to The HeavyTrackerz and the participating artists for providing us with a solid album project. It gave us listeners the variety we needed, because it had a song for every theme or mood you’re in. They didn’t stick to consistency, rather ironically they explored all avenues. Hence the title “The Odyssey: A Musical Journey”.. I think they’ve completed their destination, whilst enjoying every aspect on the route there😅

The album is available for purchase/stream on all major music platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc. Also, there have been video releases for a couple of tracks. Check them out on The HeavyTrackerz’s YouTube channel.

Twitter : HeavyTrackerz

Instagram: theheavytrackerz

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