Curves and All The Edges🎶👙

I recently done a post a while ago talking about the The Media and how it can affect body image. I thought I’d do a follow up post to remind us all that our bodies are fine the way they are.

Here’s the link to the post – The Media & Body Image

On a daily basis, we are being bombarded with images that do not resemble what people look like in real life. Everything is constructed in a matter to drive sales, so people can be constantly chasing things that are unattainable naturally. In reference to the female body, there will be imperfections and flaws but in society, it may be harder to accept them without social media and the internet constantly making us believe there is one ‘ideal’ body frame. We’ve all got curves and edges, some more than others but we still have them. It doesn’t make you any less of a person, you are still valid.

However, focus on the reasons for your change and analyse which methods would suit you best to re-construct a positive change in your self image. Whether it’s going gym (maybe ask a personal trainer for advice/assistance) , watching what you eat, following accounts that encourage you to feel great about yourself. Write down what you like about yourself or stand in the mirror and feel your body, which you can the chance. Just allow your hands to flow all over and see that is all of you. It could even be picking out clothes that you feel comfortable in or that allows you to appreciate your body in a good way. I’m not here to promote excessive self-love but rather to aid a healthier self image to balance all other areas of your life.

I was chubby growing up, I didn’t even mind so much but you get to a stage where you become much more aware of yourself and it might make you become self-conscious thinking you need to change. I think this time comes during your teen to late teens. I know I’ll never be stick thin but I’ve learnt to manage and maintain my weight as it is.

It is about letting yourself be and knowing you already have pre-determined bone structure. Look into the different body types and identify with your shape. You could be big boned, smaller boned, but everyone is different. For example, depending on your bone structure, that will affect how muscle and fat is disposed around your body. There is much more to it than what meets the eye🙇🏾‍♀️👁

Body Types

A concept of thought..💡💬 The post isn’t directed at celebrities but I’d like to use them as an example in this paragraph. I’ve come across many articles that celebrities complain about their weight or the way they are spoken about in magazine. Later, reinforced on social media on various accounts. I understand they’ve put themselves in a position to be in front of the public eye, but that doesn’t excuse the fact they aren’t normal human beings who should be treated with respect like anyone else.

We’ve come to a time, where it’s very easy to criticise something or someone from behind a phone or computer screen. People are seen doing this through comments or tweets on social media. They are unable to feel the consequences of their actions, which impacts someone else. It’s clearly ignorant behaviour, which shouldn’t be tolerated. There are tough decisions to be made by you either ignore such comments or letting it affect you on a deeper level.

I know it’s not easy because negative comments stick more than positive ones. It is less likely to bother you as much, when you start to accept your body for what it is and understand how to make reasonable improvements in your life. This helps your self-acceptance which will hopefully increase well-rounded health. Sometimes it is the image or goal we have in our heads that disconnect us from what we can do or is going on now.

One other point to think about: Do you think men have face similar issues about ‘ideals’ towards their body shape/weight?

I hope you can walk away from this post with a better and clearer view of yourself and not a medialised version. Concentrate on the now and your stepping stones from today. You never know where you could be in a years’ time..

Note: baby steps, baby steps, small steps amount to bigger steps. All images source from Google.


Let, Live, Go 🦋🕊

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Let, Live, Go..

The topic of today’s post is PTSD. I’m going to explain the basics and provide you guys with the relevant information for further insight.

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can induced by a traumatic event. It’s most commonly acknowledge for soldiers who experience it from going to war. Also, it can occur in other cases where the person has been shaken up following a life-changing event, an intense encounter or attack.

It is something you live with 24/7 and is difficult to switch off. For example, you live in your own house, you just can’t evict your self. You have to wait for new tenants to buy the property. Similar to PTSD, it sits with you until you’ve figured out how to start surviving functionally again. This requires you to consciously work on it, as you re-wire your internal dialogue back to health.

(Each day is a new day, so you take it as it comes)

The condition can last many years, depending on the individual once triggered and you can learn how to manage it using the appropriate tools and exercises to help ground you. Once you have established what works for you, then the effect it has on you starts reducing. This is because you’re learning how to balance and level yourself, so your mind and body becomes one. Rather than being two separate entities. The mind, body and soul is one . Eventually, your body will learn to relax so you live more efficiently. It’s not an overnight growth. It may take weeks, months or years , but remember you’re basically like a caterpillar growing into a butterfly. So, make sure you’re not too hard on yourself.

Here are two links to a more detailed explanation, with one providing an additional worksheet: – PTSD

PTSD – Printable Help Sheet

Here are some of the 4 ways to lessen the symptoms of PTSD:

  • Triggers – Learn what your triggers are and find a way to counteract them for having full effect on you. You still maybe triggered, but as you practise, gradually the force of it will decrease. You can note them down or monitor your progress in a book.
  • Exercise (light and/or that makes you pay attention to what’s going on in your body such as Yoga or weights. These type of exercise make you focus on different parts of your body and the impact it’s having on it by loosing you up.
  • Mediatition/Prayers– sitting with your own thoughts, without distractions – let, live, let it go. Pay attention to the sensations and breathing in your body. Speak and/or pray to your God or the person you believe in.
  • Grounding techniques – participate in activities that activate all five senses, through observation, using objects or scents that help you to not disassociate from the now.
Winter is nearly here.. Image Source:

Thanks for reading this post, feel free to share it or show it to someone who may benefit for it. Also, if you’re going through it, I wish you all the best❤️


Scented Galore😍 : Relaxation Time

Vanilla and Honey Ice Cream Source:

Hi welcome, unfortunately I won’t be talking about ice cream even though they are so nice to eat😍 but however, this post is for those who like scented products or are interested in trying them soon..

Scented products can really bring you into the moment, especially when you can smell the flavour of the item. Some people use them for decoration, other use it for its benefits. It has the potential to bring the environment to life with its beautiful scent. It also puts you in the present, as you become aware of the smell so therefore your mind stays in the now. You’re not going to wander off thinking about other unnecessary things because you’re concentrating on enjoying it. To add to the atmosphere, play music in the background for a well – rounded experience or preferably, in silent room just to ease your thoughts. Let it give you that feel good feeling, remain open-minded and let go all the possibilities that occur in your mind💬💡

In this post, I’ll be focussing more closely on scented candles, with a brief touch of air fresheners.. 

The link below provides a detailed explanation of benefits found for the use of scented candles:

Scented Candle Benefits (Aromatherapy)

I’ve been trying them out for a while now, because I like nice smells and it creates an intimate environment. However, since starting my experience with them, I’ve come to find that not all of them do their required job. Sometimes it’s hard to find a product which actually does what it says on the packaging. Rather, it merely just produces non-existent fumes. You can test out many different brands to finally figure out the right one. That’s when you get the “YES FINALLY”moment!💆🏾😍.

Yankee candles (£10-20, depending on what retailer you get it from) are a popular brand that sells scented candles, but what I’ve found is Tesco produce good quality ones (I could be being biased but I can only speak from a trial and error testing). They cost around £3.50 and burn for 50 hours. It is not always the expensive products that provide the best outcome. You have to mix and match to see which ones are good. Experiment with different brands and see what caters to your taste. For example, Tesco’s Vanilla and Honey candle has subtle but there’s a strong warmth to it, it’s very easy on the nose. I tend to get excited to be in its presence for the pleasant joy it brings. As, it will relax you after coming home from a long day, to help you unwind for the evening before bed. It’s not all the time you can do exciting things to activate your senses, so this way provides an alternative method for a better calming effect. It makes your room smell like a candy shop. Also, as it burns, the oil gathers together reinforcing the strength of the scent.🍯🍯

Relaxation time is important Source:

Another source of aromatherapy is automatic air fresheners. They are usually battery-powered or you have to plug them into socket, depending on your preference. They also give you x amount of settings to evenly spread out the sprays each day for more effect. It can be startling if you don’t expect it to go off, but nevertheless the fragrance makes up for the shock effect. (You can hear it being pressed out of the container, this can catch you off guard if you weren’t aware of it coming) It gives that “ahhh mmm” moment in your head as you soak it in. One product recommended for use is the battery-powered AirWicks automatic freshener. It follows the routine I described above and you are able to buy refills of different fragrances. You can put it on a desk, window sills or anywhere that works for you, it’s only little so you can slot it somewhere🌸🌺🌷.

Let go and trust God (or your higher power) Source: passionpassport on Instagram

Feel free to share your experiences and/or your relaxation routine below in the comments!

For Christians, here says what the Bible says about rest and it’s importance – Rest and Relaxation – The Bible

Thank you for taking time to read this post and enjoy the rest of your day 💃🏾

Chanda Demi West


“Little Things” 🎵🌬❄️

A poem inspired by simplicity..

Orange Butterfly source:

It’s the little things that matter the most

Whether it’s putting your favourite spread on toast

Or enjoying an activity you like the most

What about your favourite series dose

Creatively snapping the latest camera pose

Express yourself, it don’t matter the worldly cost

Winter will arrive soon and everything will turn to frost

Sparkly butterfly source:

Chanda Demi West


Sociology Theory: The Lightbulb Effect x Consumption in Society 🔅💡💬

Close up glowing vintage light bulb. Isolated on black backgroun

The lightbulb effect is a term to describe the construction of an idea. When the idea lights up, you take a mental note and/or write it down. It follows the same model of the energy light circuit. For example, when the brain is in the process of making a new concept. The activity in the brain replicates the energy flowing round the circuit, once you’ve hit the on switch. In real life, the switch can be found on your wall. Whereas, in this theory, the switch becomes active once it has been activated by external sources, imagination or a combination of both, to start the process. Once the idea has been established, that’s when you “switch off”.. not entirely but just that part of the effect.

(Back into relaxed mode)

Last night, I had a thought which came to mind surprisingly around 00:19 and I’m going to share it…

It seems consumption is at a high now in today’s society. Everywhere we go, we are being bombarded with stuff to buy. I think technology has made it easier for the consumer society to increase, as online shopping has become more prominent than ever. You’re receiving offers and deals directly to your mobile via emails or notifications. As well as, on TV adverts, the internet, magazines. Welcome to the age of the smart phone!. Moreover remember, when Instagram was picture platform, it still is but it is becoming the biggest online store. Twitter not so much, people still use it to express their ‘thoughts’. There’s no doubt that social media has helped businesses; it allows them to reach a bigger audience, as oppose to being confined to a shop on the high street. However it does raise the question, will the number of shops decline as the years go on and will this mean social media shopping will continue to grow increasingly?

Furthermore, think about the idea that society is moving towards a place where most people are starting their own businesses. The years will go on and the big corporations will be decrease, because the small businesses will eventually take over. This would mean everyone will be supporting each other, rather than competing for sales. Everything will be interconnected, so there will be no need for it. Already now, you see people doing that. For example, it is easier to tag the company in your own post, benefitting both the company and the consumer. It promotes brand awareness online to reach masses. As, the individual influences others’ to purchase the goods, depending on how well it suits the person (I think then people will be more inclined to buy). 

In conclusion, I think it would be intriguing to follow the trends into the future, through part participation part observation and see what happens in the world around us (you can’t always have everything or want everything, sometimes you have to take a back seat LOL) . 

“A thought is expression so I’ll write it down” …

I’ll probably update this blog or do a follow-up to it.

Please do feel welcome to share your thoughts on this topic below, or you can find me on social media: chandademi and hashtag #TheLightbulbEffect with your tweet/post.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

Chanda Demi West