Case Study: An Insight Into Interracial Companionships

This blog post was inspired by the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan.

The news broke recently that Prince Harry and Meghan were getting married. Congratulations to the soon-to-be Royal couple!

It inspired me to want to talk about interracial relationships in this post. It can be seen couples these days are more likely to be from different backgrounds. Soon, we’ll have a generation that is filled with mixed children. The norm to see is black and white origins together, but however it’s really been changing. I came across a couple, who were Ghanaian and Indian and it was a surprise to see the blend of culture together. Their wedding was pleasant occasion, it was good to see how open-minded both families were to accept and allow the relationship and wedding day to happen.

On December 9th 2017, there was a discussion about this topic. Out of the 4 participants, two were for interracial relationships and the other two were against it. For the against team, their decision was made due to cultural factors and other minor implications. They felt as if it wouldn’t be right for two people of different backgrounds combined, as it may create barriers within the partnership. Whereas, for the pro-interracial team, they were open to the possibilities. This is because they had experience positive interactions and felt more free to explore the options outside their own country/race.

Top 5 interracial mixes (subject to personal observation) 

  • African/Caribbean/White
  • Chinese/English
  • Indian/English
  • Ghanaian/Jamaican
  • Nigerian/English or Irish

What other ones have you witnessed? (comment your answers below) 

12 Struggles Interracial Couples Face – Cosmopolitan UK

In the UK, it is easier to be with someone who is not similar to you, just because we live in a multi-cultural society. We are not confined to one sex, let alone one race. It makes us more inclined to learn about other cultures or want to date someone different to you. There are many people out there, who suffer from not being able to be free to be with who ever they want. Their families would not approve, so it causes the individual frustrations to either hide or abide by the rules or laws set out by their families. I can imagine it being hard not be able to live your life authentically, because you are worried about what your family might say or even more disappointingly disown you.

In this circumstance, do you think it’s right to stand up and state your own truth or keep quiet and conform to your family ‘norms’ ?

As time goes on, the older generation will (have to) adjust start to the idea. Especially, if the post-generations they produce have grown up in a diverse community. There’s a higher chance of them falling for someone outside the family origin, unless they happen to find someone the same they do like. At least, they can remain open to concept of it happening to avoid any problems, so they can respect the individuals’ decision. I’ve figured out of the main reason why it’s more or less forbidden, is because it’s the fear of the unknown. When you’re with your own culture, you know everything because you’re one of them yourself. Now when you introduced something new to the mix, it takes time and dedication to understanding this new proposal. You can be so use to one thing, that when you branch out to try other stuff. It’s overwhelming, as it’s not what you expect. Your brain learns to adapt to these changes, depending on the magnitude of differences. This is how we learn to embrace two cultures in one union.

Pros and Cons of Interracial Relationships – HER Campus

Last topic I’ll touch on in regards to this matter is racism. Racism is a very touchy subject, so I’ll tread carefully. On the onset of events that have taken place in America and United Kingdom, it is safe to say racism is still very much alive. Whether it’s done institutional, covert or overtly, it’s still happening. You would think after all this time, it would slowly be diminishing from society but it’s not. It is unfair that people still see skin colour, rather than just seeing people for who they are as a person. Unfortuantely, ignorance still exists, so it makes it harder for people to work as one cohesive unit. Instead, it promotes society to work against each other underhandedly. For example, the recent Dove ad campaign, which used a form of black face and also to mention, the American police force killing young black people. As well as, the case of Mark Duggan from Tottenham, UK  (which kickstarted the Tottenham Riots). It is situations like these, that makes it harder for racism to leave society. As it places people in a position, where they have no option but feel their anguish and hurt feelings towards opposing race. It adds more problems, than needs so.

Hopefully, in the near future, our society can come to realise that everyone is valid and a person within their own right. It would be a shame to keep generalising races as a whole. Times are changing, we’re still evolving and learning about other cultures. Lets use this to encourage more diversity to our existing structure. It won’t be easy but it can be practiced daily.

We have a long way to go, but each day is a new day..

Feel free to comment your views on this topic 🙂

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