DIY Nail Video: Nail Art – Two Colour Theme ❤️💜

Heyyy, I’m back again with another nail video😍

Every female can agree getting your nails done, is one of the best feelings. It brings a certain cleanliness to know you have buff nails. It also a great sight to look at your finger or toe nails and notice a pleasant view in front you.

I thought I’d share another video of my latest nail colour choice. The act and process of painting nails is therapeutic, because you concentrate on trying to perfect each nail with the brush strokes.

I decided to go with red and purple from the Rimmel London 60 Second Dry collection. The colours are called Queen of Tarts and Midnight Rendezvous. They work well together, as they are subtle colours. It’s not too bright but contrasting enough to make a difference.

It’s still the festive season, so there’s more chance to get experimental. You can choose to use these colours for when attending house parties, get-to-together or low-key events. Sometimes you’re not feeling to just use one colour, so why not use two or three (if you’re feeling a bit daring😉). There’s no limit when it comes to nail designs/patterns.

That was it with today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it and have fun playing around with different colours ✌🏾

What colours will you be using this season? Feel free to comment below ☺️

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