#WomenDiscussion: Ovulation 🐣πŸ₯š

You’re reading the title of this post and probably thinking “WHAT THE HELLπŸ˜‚”

I know I know, but even though it’s strange topic. It’s not your usual discussion, but I felt the urge to talk about it. I don’t know how many women experience this but have you ever felt like there’s a party going on in your ovaries at a certain time during the month?


I’ve looked into it and it’s something to do with ovulation, but the weirdest thing is wouldn’t it be a silent process where you don’t know what’s going on? LOL

The feeling is so strange, as described in the title. It is literally like a packed out house party. Where there is no room for anyone to breathe. It’s crazy what the female body can do.

I’m guessing this means your eggs are active and ready to fertilise. Or at least it’s in the journey of making its way down to the womb, as a part of your monthly cycle.

The menstrual cycle is still a taboo subject in society. It’s weird, because nearly every woman faces this monthly during their lifetime. It’s welcoming to create a space where females feel free to talk about any questions or concerns they have regarding it. It’s not the most nicest experience, but it’s human biology. It’s relevant to the core parts of us and this is what connects us as a sex.

Ovulation is intriguing but not much is said on it, maybe it can be open up for discussion.

Signs Of Ovulation – Women’s Health Mag<<<<<<

Let me know if you’ve shared a similar experience below and feel free to share your story ✌🏾


Image source: Google (website cited)

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