DIY Nails: Nail Extensions with Two Colour Design💜💛

Heyy, guess who’s back with another nail video!😍

I’d thought I’d share the finished product with you guys, because this is the first time I’ve added extension tips to my natural nail bed. The whole process was a little bit messy but I’m guessing that’s because I’m newly starting out. Hopefully as time goes on, it will get better and will improve.

As usual, I’ve used gel top coat finish with normal nail polish from the Rimmel London (Berries and Cream, which is the purple colour) and Gabrini collection (the Gold colour)

It’s good to experiment with shades and tones of one colour. I would positively reinforce using one or more, it works even better if you’re indecisive about which one to use. This means you have the comfort of knowing you can just use as many as you want.

If you’d like your nails to have length, add extension tips. It gives a larger surface area to work with, similar to when starting art on a blank canvas. Especially, being use to natural nails, sometimes you just wish to switch up your look; so why not start with your nails and the rest will follow..

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day☺️

#StayPolished 💅🏾🙌🏾

Chanda DemiWest



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