2017 – The End Of Year Recap🎞

It’s the 31st of December and we’ve come to the end of the year!

I’d like to thank God for allowing me to survive this year and I am grateful for his presence in my life. He has taught me a lot this year and I hope he continues to discipline  in the years to come.

In 2017, I realised when I got ahead of myself, wanting to bulldoze my way through life. Instead of building in baby steps to amount to something better. I was too busy trying to get further that I didn’t notice how much injustice I was doing to myself and my health. I had already been suffering from medical issues since university; which I’m still in the process of recovering from. I was doing too much and not acknowledging the effect it was having on me. Sometimes, you need to know it’s okay not to be a machine, take a step back and evaluate what you are really doing. It’s a part of the process, but I’m glad God intervened and was like “NO” stay focussed on healing yourself. He stopped me in the midst of a busy road and allowed me to take the long open country road. Freedom was the best reward of that detour. When you’re on a open road, there’s less traffic so now there’s room to freely drive down there. The analogy I can use to describe the second half of the year.

I’ve come to know that the plans I had for myself, weren’t the plans He had for me. I had better opportunities presented to me that I wouldn’t of even imagined of happening. Yet it was there given to me as a gift. This was definitely the year of being grateful for everything I have. I remember Pastor Rick from Saddleback church said “I am grateful for the things I have and I am grateful for the things I don’t have”; this quote stuck with me. If you’re not content with what you have now, how do you expect to be content or trusted with more? You’ll just continue to keep searching. I remember a time of feeling very lost and afraid of not being able to continue; wanting to give up. So, I went back to basics and started from the bottom. I had to recognize what I actually liked doing to separate what I was doing to “fit in” or “get by” . When you do too much, you lose yourself in that mess. It’s not worth it at all, you give up so much of your time that could of been used for other productive work for your own goals, not trying to please others. You live and your learn though.

I’d like to finish this post with the message that whatever you go through in life, make sure you know that it’s not done to you personally. You were given it to live and face trials and tribulations. The real test is how you deal and overcome those obstacles in order to push forward, otherwise you’ll always feel restricted. Also, don’t limit yourself to one thing, branch out and see what else you can do. You’re in control of your own life, so live it in a way which suits best for you and it will reflect in you and your works. There’s always going to be insecurities and doubts, but your faith is greater than those. If something doesn’t work, change the approach? If you want to do something different, do it? Help yourself before anything else and you’ll be able to succeed to your own set standard in other areas of your life.

Thank you for reading all my posts!

Good luck for the new year and bring on 2018!❤️

Chanda Demi West

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