Bedtime Burrito πŸŒ―πŸ›Œ

A short story about the time in bed…

In the bed, you’re the stuffing..

It’s just a bit past midnight and wrapped up in the bed covers like a burrito that’s been left un-fed. You lay on your back and stare to the ceiling. The silence in the air fills the space in.

It’s time to read a book or play on phone. One of the times in the day you spend alone. You could dream about eating a ice cream cone or something you adore more. If you’re up too late, you begin to feel a yawn.

You find a position to sleep in. On your back, front or side, whatever you decide; just hope your body won’t mind. A static placement entwined to help on the R.E.M. ride. All minimal distractions settle the mental fine.

It’s at the point you drift off without a thought. The hours pass retaining the residual heat from the overnight stay. In between the sheets, that’s a way to keep the warmth in. Feel it up like you’re floating in the sky.

Until the next morning rise… πŸŒ…

The process called the bedtime burrito roll ☺️

Image source: Chanda Demi PhotographyπŸ“Έ


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