Once Upon A 5am Rise⏰🌅

Artwork produced by Robin Moline

Once upon a morning…

….you wake up and rise. Unfortunately, you might wake up at a time that is inappropriate for you, but who’s to say it weren’t meant for something you were supposed to do. There are many reasons for being up at this time, it may cause you sigh or wish you go back to bed. This is time where your mind is silenced by the peaceful sounds of nothing. While waiting for the sun to come up, because everything is dark in sight. You hear the effects of driving cars every so often, depending if you live on a busy road or off the main road. Everything seems to popping off in the distance. There’s a party over there and you’re listening.

There comes a time, when it’s okay to resume your schedule. The jump out of the covers to pursue the day. A follow of daily routine that consume your day. It starts with a brush off the teeth and tongue. The eventual end pancaked out in bed (alone). Everything that fills you your day is a sandwich filler. Whether it be a job, children or pursing hobbies; it is a full time occupation of it’s own. You sense the cold these days before you leave your home. It allows you to make good choices of clothes to wear for extra warmth, so you’re not overstimulated by these bitter temperatures.

In the UK, the weather has a individual mind. It can go through different types of changes a day. Increasing and decreasing the temperature as it wants. It fluctuates like the sun and moon does. It is surprising you can wake up to snow dust. The adaptation to it is a must, sometimes you’ll be controlled by an external situation that you can’t trust. That doesn’t always mean to lock yourself in a box. You are free to do as you please, as long as it feels good to you. Make sure you carry emergency winter supplies such as a scarf and gloves. This will help you when it gets rough.

Note: I wrote this as bed time story for those who are wide awake at this time. The time you read it isn’t limited to one specific point to the day. So feel free to browse through at any day.

Like a butterfly, you eventually drift off..

Thank you for reading this passage

Chanda D

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