DIY Nail Extensions: Pre-Valentines Shimmer πŸŒ·βœ¨

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There’s a saying I found on Pinterest saying “Whenever in doubt, just add glitter”. I agree with that statement. Glitter can jazz up a whole look. It can take plain paint to sparkly paintπŸ˜‚. All with a couple of strokes of the brush, against the nail.

I’m using fresh nail tips from China. They resemble the ones you usually come across in a nail shop. It assists you with knowing how to place the tips according to the shape of your nail. There is 500 pieces in a box and it comes with 9 different sizes; depending how large or small your nail is.

Also, I used 3D glue because I saw the recommendations and comments on Amazon. Everyone gave it positive feedback about the duration it allows to stick. I think it was worthy a try, why not experimentπŸ˜„.

Three coats of paint excluding base and top coat is included in each look. This gives it a solid foundation. I’ve named it Pre-Valentine’s shimmer, because it’s a small teaser before the day. You know similar to shiny wrapping paper over a present. You can’t wait to see what’s underneath. Expect the underneath is a new completely nail design.

(At this point of publishing this post, this is longest time all nails have remained firmly in place. So the strength of this glue is most effectiveπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ)

Anyways feel free to check the video above if you haven’t already and also you can find me on social media – @chandademi

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Chanda D

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