Treat Yourself Day💞✨

I think everyone should have a treat yourself day.

A day you spend by yourself indulging into your own bubble away from the ‘world’.

Enjoy the peaceful silence that occurs, somehow that silence feels safe. You know you’re not alone and protected at all times.

All you do is watch yourself and your steps, figure out where you’re going to take off next. We spend many of our days running around and doing stuff for other people, that we don’t always realise we are important to. You was born into this world alone (unless you’re twins, still then you’re born at separate times even if it is within seconds/minutes of each other).

You can find out a lot about yourself during that time too. It depends on what activity you’re doing or participating in. It makes you more observant of what’s going on around and others interact with each other.  For example, today it was interesting to see how a boyfriend and girlfriend interact with each other. Especially, when they are talking in front of you, you get to see the distinct personalities between the both of them.

Also, body wise you can find out what’s going on there. I found out I have knots in my shoulders during a massage, so I was advised to use a tennis ball. I’m liking the idea, because I know it is going to feel nice running a tennis ball in between my shoulder blades to release the pressure held there. Your own homemade massage for one🙈🐻

For more information to how to relieve tissue pressure, look on this page on Wikihow – How To Release Knots In The Body

Wikihow is legit the go-to website. You can find out about anything on there. Occasionally, you get some funny responses to the issue you’re looking to resolve. I don’t know whether they inject underlying humour it in or it is just my interpretation of how I am reading it in my head.

That is it for this post, I wrote it because I started typing about it and thought I might as well continue to share the rest. It was a random one, but once you get the urge to write, you tend to not want to stop unless it is completed. You get the rare times when your mind is blocked but other than that you’re good. Also, I was inspired to write after reading another bloggers’ post on their page too.

Thank you for reading☺️

Chanda D

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