DIY Nail Extensions: Art Attack Splash👩🏾‍🎨💪🏾


Art attack splash is the name of this design. It came to me during the day yesterday and I thought it would be perfect for it. I started off with purple and orange, deciding to jazz up the colour by mixing it with black and white dots. I didn’t have a finite idea in my mind, so I went with it as it went along. Obviously, I had to remember what colors worked well together in order for it to stay pleasurable to the eye.

For this look, I used a nail art tool. It had an end like a ball tip pen and that’s what made the dots. You really get engrossed with the design whilst doing it. You are focussed on getting the dots in the right places and figuring out where to place them on the nail bed. This encourages you to explore further into what you are doing and how to expand beyond what you expected.

Another secret I’d share with you guys, this is first time I did complete acrylic nails at home. Kiss sells an acrylic nail kit which you can use at home. In the packet, it has the powder and solution to make the paste and all you do is spread it across the fake tip and the remaining surface of your nails to create an even surface. If you are new to this, I’ll admit it can be tricky, because it is not something you do every day.

However, I do believe practice makes perfect, so it might take a couple of try before you become a ‘pro’ at it. It also includes a brush, I’m not that fond of the brush, it is quite thick, it should come with flat brush instead, but that can be purchase separately. You will also need a small dappening dish to put the solution in. Preferably, a mask or open your window to air out the room because the fumes are so strong.

Overall, the whole process took longer than usual. It was definitely 1 hr 30 + , I wasn’t keeping track but I could tell something was different. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the BTS story about how I done this.

Thank you for viewing and reading this post ☺️

#StayPolished 💅🏾

Chanda D

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