The Case of OJ Simpson & The Double Murder

This post was inspired by an article I read on Thought Catalog – NEWLY DISCOVERED OJ INFORMATION  

It was written on 3rd of March 2018

This was a topic I decided to speak about this morning, because this case is highly intriguing. Even though the incident happened several decades ago. The case has still remained in the public eye, with new information surfacing every now and then. I believe that’s what makes this case so enigmatic, is the controversy that surrounded it.

America was divided due to racial factors between caucasian and black people. As OJ was seen as a black man (he was mixed raced), who had been in a interracial marriage with Nicole Brown Simpson, a caucasian female of German heritage. They had a whirlwind romance, which showed them as being intensely in love with each other. The situation was caused by fatal attraction between the two. Unfortunately, it all came to an end when the final act of a double murder between Nicole and Ron Goldman was committed in Brentwood, America on 12th of June 1994. After police enquires and sufficient evidence, OJ became prime suspect.

Prior to the murder, it was acknowledged to the public about OJ’s violent and abusive ways to Nicole during their time together. She had made many calls to the police about the domestic abuse that occurred in the household. He had been emotionally and physically abusive towards her. However, their love was so strongly bonded, resulted in them making and breaking up. Right until, they eventually got a divorce and OJ’s dangerous behaviour escalated.

Fatal attraction is when “a fairly complicated, false love phenomenon involving a very destructive, obsessive and compulsive pattern of relational behavior.  It begins when a person first finds themselves, sometimes suddenly, very strongly psychosexually attracted to another person. Quite commonly there grows up a delusional, fantasy conviction that the target of their attraction is, or certainly will become equally attracted to them.  The person afflicted with this syndrome then becomes increasingly, sometimes rapidly obsessed with seeking a possessive, controlling, intimate, exclusive, love-getting relationship with the targeted person.” – Detailed Fatal Attraction Definition (direct website link)

It depends on how old you are, or if you were old enough to see this case through. You would understand the severity of how brutal it was. There are many documentaries on YouTube, which give you a detailed insight into different aspects of it. One specific video has a recording of the actual court proceedings that led to the No Guilty verdict. Also, a television series The People Vs. OJ; a fictional version of the case, which gives an overview on what happened.

However I’d recommended going through the raw, real footage first and then work your way through the other fictional content. This would give you an accurate interpretation about the murders and court case.

Links to latest info: 

Thank you for reading this post

Chanda D

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