Tried & Tested: Basic Acrylic Manicure 💅🏾 #NailPost

Date entry: Sunday the 25th of March 2018 


New post, new week, it’s Monday✌🏾”

This post will be part BTS of what I have been doing last week & on the subject in the title too.

I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t had the urge or spark to. Also, I’ve been taking time out as well. However, that all changed yesterday when I got inspired to do something different. I’ve tested out two new things I’ll be sharing.

One of them being halloumi cheese; at first, I was a bit apprehensive to taste it, but I can say I did enjoy it. It’s nice in a wrap with salad, hummus/garlic sauce and lemon juice. (Thank you to Turkish and Greek people). I’ve realised doing new things activates your senses, to make you more adventurous in your own way. I’d recommend doing new things every week if you can. You never know what you could end up liking.

Another thing I tried last week was acrylic manicure. I came across a video on social media, which sparked my interest. I was already planning to remove the old nail varnish, but this footage kickstarted the process. I came to the conclusion you could do acrylics, without the use of false extension tips.

As you may already know, acrylic nails can do damage to your natural nails. So it’s essential to take a break from them once in a while. A benefit of not using extension tips is it allows your nails to breathe. This will give room for them to grow.

This time I went for a black and pink theme. The nail polish is from Rimmel London 60 secs collection, completed with their gel top coat. It’s true what they say (I came across a quote that went along the lines like this):- “not enough fingernails for all the colours you’d like to put on your nails”. Here are pictures of the outcome of the nail design:

Pro: it gives you a flat surface to work with and it removes minimal smudging, as it’s raised above your nail.

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Thank you for taking time to read this post, #StayPolished + enjoy the rest of your day💅🏾💁🏾‍♀️

Chanda D

Image source: chandademiphotography 📷

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