#FilmReview: Black Panther🐅

Date entry: Monday the 26th of March 2018

Edited: Thursday the 29th of March 2018

The Black Panther Squad

(I finally got round to watching the film, after feeling I was missing out. I decided to go watch it. Prior to the screening, I had seen reference to the word ‘Wakanda’. I did not know what people were on about, but obviously, now I do. All the pieces fit together now, so there’s a better image.)

The film is an action movie, with the duration lasting 2 hours and 13 minutes long and is available at most cinemas to watch. I’d recommend going during the day, where not many people are there. It frees your surrounding environment for you to relax and view it calmly. At certain points of the film, I heard a drill type beat. It got me bopping my head when it came on. It didn’t fully go into it, but it was enough to energise you during its segments.

It was a female-dominated movie, which I liked because it showed women to be strong characters. Usually, you would see girls in a role, where they are a damsel in distress or in a weak position. However it was different, they were able to defend themselves and others. It produced an instilling belief they are just as capable as men.

I’m going to go slightly of topic here because this will apply to the paragraph above.

Gender roles in society are segregated in terms of what males and females are supposed to do. Traditionally, for example, women are expected to fulfil housework duties. Whilst men are out being breadwinners. In today’s society, the roles have slightly, if not, fully merged. Women are now being pro-active about being able to provide for themselves, as well being able to still complete household duties. Men are not as heavily depended on as they once were in the past.

Back on the topic of Black Panther

Similarly, the women were strongly defending their rights and what they thought was right for their Kingdom – Wakanda. This was portrayed through their battle scenes and dealing with the problematic situation between the rivalling kings.

I don’t know if anyone of you is familiar with the TV series Top Boy, but one of the characters Letitia Wright (Shuri) featured in this film. It was nice to see her transition from British film to bigger productions. I remember her character well on Top Boy, but her acting was really pleasing to watch.

She had a few one-liners, which makes me laugh. It was cheeky, but humorous to watch. It helps lighten up the film, despite its darker context. Also, it starred four other well-known actors/actresses – Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia), Michael B Jordan (Erik), Angela Bassett (Ramonda) and Forest Whittaker. They all played their roles equally well, with the strong intention to bring their own influence into their characters. It was a blend of American and East African accent that showed diversity.

Overall, I enjoyed the film because it kept me engaged. It was hard to take your eyes away from the screen. Just in case you missed out on something. You couldn’t even excuse yourself to go to the bathroom because it all needed to make sense in one go. I guess that’s why action movies are so popular, as it provides high-level entertainment and requires brain stimulation to keep its viewers seated. It was similar to Lord of Rings, as it had that same tribal fighting appeal.

Thank you for reading this review & I hope you take time out to watch the film (if you haven’t already)

Chanda D

Image source: New Statesman Website



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