The Art Of Cooking: Is It A Form of Escapism?πŸ₯˜

Date entry: Tuesday the 3rd of April 2018

Edited: Friday the 13th of April 2018

A little background introduction to the post:

(I was making chocolate chip muffins when it came to me cooking puts you in a trance. There’s nothing else but you and the ingredients you’re working with. The prospect of this being accurate came as a conclusion to what chefs/bakers may be experiencing every time they make something.)

I looked into this further and came across this article below:

Cooking Therapy

It touches on how cooking can be a form of stress relief for the participant, as it directs their focus on to something that’s visually and tastefully pleasing to them. This means they can escape into the world of what’s in front of them, to forget what’s going on around them. It is clear to see how this is possible because you’re making it so it can taste nice.

The activity produces serotonin and endorphins in your brain, activating your reward systems in a good way. It isn’t overstimulated, but releasing it in manageable doses. No wonder why people pursue careers in the catering industry. You will be doing something good for your body regulation every/most days. It will also boost aspects of your brain, which will then help to deal better with stuff in your life.

Obviously, they enjoy food, but it also provides many other benefits which help them in the day to day life. The whole process of buying the ingredients to preparing the meal and then finally eating it. You do escape into the land of the meal. Your sole focus is getting the meal right.

Cooking is a form of art because you create imagery using food. Another reason for the presentation to be important because the appeal of the colours and formation entices customers. For example, photographs and videos. It’s in front of them as if they are in an actual restaurant. Food photography is also a route; photographers go down.

(Maybe, because they could get free tasting samples or simply their love for food and great aestheticsπŸ˜‚).

Do you think cooking is a form of escapism?

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