Video Blog🎥🎞: June 2018

New video blog for June below👇🏾 This video pretty much explains everything I would end up writing in the caption lol🌝☀️ All the links are available here: Blog⌨️: Online blog YouTube📺: Chanda D W ” ] Thank you for taking time to watch this mini clips🌝 More monthly posts here: MAY’S BLOG POSTS + LINKS […]

Photography: Scenery Green🌳💧

In nature again, I took a whole bunch of photographs. I did a bit of walk around, it was similar to going on an adventure because there were many avenues leading to different places. You have to find a way to get to the other side across the lake. However, it’s trial and error with […]

Scenic Waves🎥🎞🌊 #ASMR

Hello Hi 👋🏾, I’d like to drop a short video here. It’s ocean waves from a beach😍. You’ll be able to hear the calming sounds of the sea. Check it out on YouTube: ASMR – Scenic Waves Thank you for checking out the video. Also, view the other content on my YouTube channel too😀

VIDEO BLOG: 2-in-1 make-up tutorial: mascara and eyebrow routine 👩🏾‍🎨🤳🏾💜

Here’s an 8 min+ video that consists of a mascara and eyebrow routine. The products used are listed in the clips and you’ll also hear instrumentals in the background. If you do like this short snippet, check out the full video using the direct link in my bio😀👆🏾(all music used has been credited). Also, there […]

Skincare: Face Mask Tutorial – Exfoliating Scrub🧖🏾‍♀️🛀🏾

This post features a video blog tutorial on how to apply a face mask, plus an aftercare routine to help keep spots and your face matte. This product is an exfoliating scrub mask for blackheads and blocked pores. Here’s the link to the other face mask video – YouTube – Activated Charcoal Face Mask Please like, […]