Cupcake cut + crush 🍰✂️: Dry Floral Foam with Pasty Glitter ✨ – ASMR video 🎥


I’m running behind on releasing this post, so I decided to write it out this morning. Before I put out the last video of the week.

In this video, I tried out decorating the floral foam block with paste and glitter. The paste was meant to dry (I left it overnight but I woke up to it, still being gooey). I thought I might as well just leave it as that and crush it that way.

Anyways that’s a-bit of back information, watch the trailer below👇🏾:

Full video here too🎥👇🏾:

Note: I’ll be releasing a new post towards the end of the month (which is next week) , stay tuned for that one 😉

Thank youu to watching and reading this post🙌🏾

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