Morni-night Floral Crush🌗 – Spark Sesh✨

Morni-night Floral Crush🌗 – Spark Sesh✨


‘Promotional post’ 🧚🏾‍♀️

Hi guys, I’m writing this post to share a video🎥

I uploaded one on to YouTube early Saturday morning and would like you to watch it. The link to the clip has been left below, enjoy👇🏾

It has a surprise feature from a furry friend, but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out👀

Thank you for watching and feel free to watch, comment, like and subscribe to the channel or content there😉

Spacey-Dip Soak🌜⭐️: Warm Floral Foam Crush – ASMR video🎥

Spacey-Dip Soak🌜⭐️: Warm Floral Foam Crush – ASMR video🎥


Here to drop off a promotional post👇🏾

I uploaded another floral foam video yesterday on YouTube. It’s less than 10mins long, so it won’t take out too much of your day.

Watch the full video below📺:



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Response To @Bustle Article: Cats See Humans As Bigger Cats😺

Response To @Bustle Article: Cats See Humans As Bigger Cats😺

“Cats apparently think humans are bigger, clumsy, hairless cats, so that’s adorable” (Nina Khan, Bustle)

I came across an article on the Bustle website during Saturday afternoon. I was drawn to it, because I’m intrigued by animal behaviour and with cats being one of them. I was excited to read on more, so I could understand the title. It’s interesting how something can just stand out at you; encouraging you to investigate further.

I’ve always been puzzled by cats behaviour and wondered how animals view us humans in general. Especially flys, I learnt recently they have multiple eyes, so their eyesight maybe all over the place (who knows???).

Screenshot taken from the Bustle article website (image linked to direct source)

Cat communicate through their body language, gestures and vocal expressions (meowing) to signal what they want. If you respond to a cat in the same way, you get into this meowing match😂. It’s weird, because it raises a thought in your head. Do they understand what you’re saying? Because it might mean something in their language. Or you could just appear friendly to them, making it likely to want to play with you.

I would suggest reading the article above, because it gives insight from an feline expert on the communication between cats and humans. You’ll be able to understand the dynamic in the interaction. Also, there is content on YouTube too, to help get to know them and their behaviour. It’s suitable for anyone who’s interested or looking to become an owner of a fluffy kitty in future.

Thank you for reading this post 🙇🏾‍♀️

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‘It’s Raining Floral Foam’ ☔️: Windy Dry Crush – ASMR video🎥

‘It’s Raining Floral Foam’ ☔️: Windy Dry Crush – ASMR video🎥


This floral foam block was meant to be frozen, but it didn’t work in the freezer. I just did a normal dry crush, but you’ll be able to hear the squeaks when compressing the block during the clip.

Watch the full video below👇🏾📺:

Thank you🙇🏾‍♀️

Sometimes I Just Like To Write (Update)📝

Sometimes I Just Like To Write (Update)📝

Dear diary (😂 just kidding),


I haven’t wrote a post like this in a while, I’ve been focusing more on the practical side of things. Slightly ignoring typing detailed blog posts, so this morning I thought I decide to start doing this.

The past couple of months I’ve been doing artsy things and you can see this in the previous posts. However if you go further back, you’ll be able to read in depth posts you may be able to relate to.

One reason why I’ve been doing the artsy stuff is because it’s more engaging and it keeps your mind at bay. It puts you into a meditative trance where all you’re doing is concentrating on the practice in front of you.

Also, you can’t be so serious all the time. It’s very dense and wears you down. You have to find balance in between being serious and still keeping things light hearted. Otherwise, it will become overwhelming always focussing so heavily on being stiff. It will affect your body and muscles. I think doing Yoga and getting exercise in is beneficial to loosen those areas, so energy can move more fluidly through your body.

What do you do in your pass time?

Share your choices in the comments below

I’ll be trying to release new video in the future, so look for them👀

However you can catch me on the socials👇🏾

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Thank you for taking time to read this post 🙇🏾‍♀️