2018 – A Year Round In One🙇🏾‍♀️💁🏾

Closing chapter 📖

It’s the 31st of December today which marks the last day of the year.

This year has been different to other years, I’ve been in a period of what I’ve called ‘in between’. It has been calming but yet so many things have gone on. It was as if it was a getting rid of residue year.

I’ve found a word for itcleansing

It has been good for my mental health and other medical issues I’ve been dealing with. The brain fog I had has cleared 95% and I’ve gained more mental clarity (explains the empty headspace). Also, I made active decisions in life this year which helped bring improvements. This was the year I finally passed my driving test, it was an accomplishment I’ve been aiming for since I was 17 and now it’s done. I got my second tattoo as well. It was more painful than the first one because it was across the shoulder blade. So the needle went over the bone which caused the pain.

I live in present, so I don’t always remember what’s gone on in the past in such details. However, I remember significant memories. The minor stuff fades away until it awakens again in my mind maybe by a trigger. It’s something that not happening all the time. My mind is mostly empty LOL. It reminds me of cloud space, absorbing everything but sieving out the least relevant things. If you need to remember something, you either use a diary or make note of it on a noticeboard.

This blog is entering its fourth year. When I first started it in 2015, it was a spontaneous decision because I wanted to have a space to get my thoughts and ideas out there. I think that’s why there is random stuff on it, I’d call it a creative dump😂.  However, this year I’ve developed the blog more by adding links to video content that’s uploaded on YouTube.


That’s a brief overview of 2018 😄

Thank you for reading the content on this blog and watching the videos on YouTube too✨

YouTube Link: CHANDA D W

Check out the video blog below👇🏾:

Happy New Year and see you in 2019!

Chanda D💋


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