Online Weekly Finds🔍: Two Daily Mail Articles Which Sparked My Interest 👩🏾‍💻



Two new posts in one week🙌🏾

It was a spontaneous decision to write this out. I found two articles today which sparked my interest and I would like to discuss them here:


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I used to watch Coronation Street when I was younger and still watch it every now and then. However, I have never seen a full-fledged black family on the show. When I came across this article, I was surprised because it’s a good move in the right direction for the soap. It will bring diversity and show other cultures on TV too. Sometimes in TV soaps, there is a lack of representation (or positive ones) of other ethnicities. In recent and historical times, the rise in knife crime and other criminal activities (not excluding the fact those crimes can be committed by any race) hasn’t shown the best aspect of the Black African/Caribbean community. Hopefully when they do arrive on-screen, it will be an accurate (or neutral) portrayal of Black people for UK audiences to see. Congratulations Corrie on your new castings! (use the link above to read the full article on The Daily Mail)

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I’ve watched countless documentaries, Netflix (The People Vs OJ) and TV series on the OJ Simpson case. I previously wrote a blog post on another article I read on the Thought Catalog . It’s fascinating to see how this crime still lives on to this day. It happened in June 1994 but because of the enigma of the situation. It left an imprint of the worldwide population as the situation was so epic. The casting of the film is made to be a realistic mirror effect of the parties involved in the situation. They have cast two people who have a similar resemblances to Nicole and OJ, so the story can be told closely to the original one. I will be watching the film when it comes out, because I know it will be interesting to see what approach directors take on it. One question I had about this article was (it’s not really question rather a thought to ponder on) – Will it be shown in the cinema or on Netflix?. Another thought is Will the families be given royalties once the film is released? We’ll have to see when it’s out…

Let me know your views in the comment section below⬇️

We’ve come to the end of this post and I’d like to say thank you for reading it.. stay tuned for the next one😌



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