Sims 4 Exterior Design-Build: Front Patio + Garden Renovation🌿🌳

Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 10.37.12 AM
Graphic credit: Chanda D W



I’m back with a new exhibition post

Now the sleep series has finished, I’ve decided to continue with Sims 4 interior and exterior design-builds.

In this post, I’ll be hosting an exhibition to show the before and after shots of the property renovation.

Previously, I developed the interior of a 1-bed bungalow and you can see it here: Sims 4: Interior Design-Build (1 Bed Bungalow) 🏘.

Once the inside was done, I transformed the exterior too.

Check out the changes I made in the gallery ⬇️


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More Sims content⬇️:

Thanks for watching the slideshow + stay tuned for the next post!





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