The Sims 4: Glamorous University Housing🎓 – 1 Bed 1 Bathroom Home👜👠



Photo credit: Chanda D W📸



It’s officially 24 days until Christmas🎄

Welcome back to my blog and I’ve returned with a new post 🙂

I’m back from a mini posting break. During that time, I’ve been working on house builds and dealing with other matters too.

Discover University was the latest expansion pack released by the Sims franchise. I had the pleasure to play and explore its facilities during gameplay.

I’m currently still curiously pursuing its features and may upload more interior design projects in the future.

This time, I decide to renovate Honeydew Fields, which is a 1-bedroom house in the city of Britechester.

The house prior to its change was outdated and not suitable for a university student.

I revamped the entire home into a glamorous house with luxurious furnishings – made especially for a girly girl.

As it stands, the house consists of 1 bedroom 1 bathroom and has a garden. It’s near two universities and has access to natural environments.

Also, there’s local hang out spots and establishments ready-made to study too.

Let’s check out the pictures photographed of each room 📸⬇️



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Thank you for viewing this post + stay tuned for the next one!💛



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