Coronavirus: How Much Longer In Isolation?

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We’ve been here for a while…

Welcome back to my blog for another post!

I’ve been keeping up-to-date about the news on Coronavirus and it’s spreading universally. It has reached a number of countries, causing deaths and people to be hospitalised. We have been advised to stay indoors indefinitely. The government will revise the situation at a later date. However, I’ve found people are not abiding by the laws set and are continuing their days unrestricted. The safety changes implemented have also caused distress in our daily lives. It has been reported doctors and nurses are doing their duty to cure those affected. As well as, providing support to people who have lost loved ones.

Financial stability is another area that has been disrupted. Jobs have been jeopardised and companies are unable to foresee the future of their business. It brings a bittersweet frustration to those involved.  Their security and comfort have been left in limbo. It has stopped England and other infected countries functioning at its usual level. However, the government has reassuringly issued a scheme to help fund work pay. Employees are secure knowing they’ll be taking care of until further notice.

This lockdown has reduced the fast-paced life we usually live into a slower one. Currently, it’s how Nottingham City Centre is on a Sunday… very serene. We’ve been able to relax and indulge in our interests and hobbies. It’s helped others re-discover or find their passion, because of the unlimited time in our hands. Also, it’s been the perfect opportunity to update CVs and seek new employment. It’s reconnected us to what’s important, so we can continue to work on that too.

Symptoms and tips to prevent catching it: 

Hopefully, we are able to come out of this quarantine soon and return ‘normality’.

When do you think this will come to an end?

New updates can be found at news outlets and more:


Stay safe, stay home!

Until the next post, I’ll see you then.



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