Chanda The Explorer

Post nature walk, I got encouraged to categorise my travel, nature and astro- photography posts. Location: Totteridge Green London: Staying In London🌠 Figuring Out London 💦🌲💧 London Bridge Views  #Photography: Recently Regent 🌎🍃🌳 Photography: Scenery Green🌳💧 Photography: Reservoir Laking Lurks 🐟💦🕵🏾‍♀️ #Photography : Static Streams💧🔮💦 #Photography: Barbican Strolling 🚶🏾💦 Scenery & Air #Photography: Canary Wharf 🌃❄️ #Photography: Full Moon Shooting 🌝 #Photography:…More

Scenery & Air

February 2021. Location: Golders Hill Park. Nature Adventures. A post spurred by going on a walk. There’s something indescribable about being in nature. `The air breathed in is greater Perfect wind down for sleep later 🌳💛🌿 October 2017 photos. Location: Hampstead Heath Park Related content: Sunshine vs. Sunset.. How The Two Met 🌞🍂🍁 (original source) #Photography:…More

ASMR Shiny Foam Crushing

3/3 It’s the last installment of the foam crushing series and I got a bit more artsy. Thanks to all of you who have viewed others. Video: Related content: ASMR Powdered Sliced Foam ASMR Dry Crush ASMR Whisper: Mini (Random) Spoken Words🗣 ASMR Tapping: The Acrylic Tap💅🏾🚰More

ASMR Powdered Sliced Foam

It’s the ASMR series and I am back with another crushing session! NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO: Related content: ASMR Dry Crush ASMR Whisper: Mini (Random) Spoken Words🗣 ASMR Tapping: The Acrylic Tap💅🏾🚰 ASMR Jenga Style (Floral Formed): Classic Board Game🎲 See you again soon💛More

ASMR Dry Crush

Happy New Years! 💛 I’ve returned with an ASMR YouTube video, please do check it out. The block I crushed reminds me of an iceberg. ASMR Whisper: Mini (Random) Spoken Words🗣 ASMR Tapping: The Acrylic Tap💅🏾🚰 ASMR Jenga Style (Floral Formed): Classic Board Game🎲 Rainy foam-play☔️: ASMR video🎥 ❤️More

Shellac Nails: My Home Experience

This weekend, I treated myself to a DIY shellac manicure and pedicure. I had to wait for the gel polishes to arrive in the post. You’ll need a LED/UV nail lamp, gel polish base and topcoat, and the gel polish colour of your choice.  The lamp cuts the drying time significantly, so you won’t have…More

5 Track Finds From My Spotify Playlist 🎵

Hello, I didn’t realise I’d be back so soon, but I was encouraged by last week’s post to continue the ‘Top’ 5 series. Who knew one article could spurt another.. well it’s happened now so I’ll have to share them. The songs I’ve chosen are not necessarily based on popularity or what’s current. The tracks…More

The Sims 4: 3-Storey Mossy Lane – (3 Bed, 2 Bathrooms) 🏡🏠

  Happy New Year! Hello & welcome back to my blog 🙂 It’s the first post of the year and I’m glad to be posting again. This time I’ve returned with a new interior design project. The renovated home is a 3-storey house in Britechester. I’ll be giving access to the completed project and have…More

Sims 4 Exterior Design-Build: Front Patio + Garden Renovation🌿🌳

  Hey, I’m back with a new exhibition post Now the sleep series has finished, I’ve decided to continue with Sims 4 interior and exterior design-builds. In this post, I’ll be hosting an exhibition to show the before and after shots of the property renovation. Previously, I developed the interior of a 1-bed bungalow and…More

Sleep Series (2) – Dreams🛌💭

“The post is a follow up from the previous one, which talked about Sleep Series (1): 5 Benefits of Naps💤“ Welcome back to part 2! In this article, I’ll be discussing dreams because it ties into the sleep topic. What Are Dreams? “Dreams are stories and images that our minds create while we sleep. They can…More

Book Review: Tell Us Something True📚

  Welcome back👋🏾 I’ll be doing a book review on Tell Us Something True. I picked it up from my local bookstore and finished it over the course of a couple of weeks. It was a slow read, but an enjoyable one. For a synopsis of the book, the blurb writes “17-year old boy River…More