VIDEO: How I Make My Morning Smoothies🥤😍🎥

Check out the latest video on how I make my smoothies on YouTube. It’s only a short clip ☺️

When The Tooth Fairy Doesn’t Visit #WisdomTeethRemoval⛑👩🏾‍⚕️

Hello☺️ When we were younger, there was concept about the ‘tooth fairy’ coming to visit when we lost our teeth. The one that would carefully place money underneath our pillows as a reward for losing those baby teeth. It had been so long ago, I’d forgotten about it. Until today when I had a regular […]

Topic Of The Day: How Important Is Health?🔬🌡

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The Birds And The Breeze 🐥🌬

A Short Rainy Day Poem

#WomenDiscussion: Ovulation 🐣🥚

An online written discussion about ovulation, read more to join in on the talk..