VIDEO: Rainwaterfall💙💦☔️

Video: Rainwaterfall (4K: 0:04 secs) ☔️

Feather Touch Spot📍

A night time inspired poem ☺️

Sunday December Calls 🎵

A short poem inspired by Winter mornings

The Calm Before The Storm 🌲🍂🍁

  What about if there is no storm? It’s Autumn, the leaves have fallen. The trees have time to rest before it’s time to grow again. I previously wrote about changes, now it’s further on in the year.. close to Christmas. The calm could just be a resting period for you to find your peace. […]


  The season has changed but what else is going on? See the weather doesn’t give any warnings, one day you wake up and it’s extremely cold, the next it’s just about bearable. Change is moving on to something different.. or simply deciding to experiment with new things. Change doesn’t have to be scary, I […]