Rainy foam-play☔️: ASMR video🎥

Hi💁🏾, I’m just writing this post to share a very short video. It was randomly shot yesterday, so I just went with the flow. The full video is under 2 mins. Check out the full clip below👇🏾: Edited by @chandademi 🎥 Thank you for watching and check out the other content on this blog + channel […]

Caramel choco-lette block🍫: Crunchy foam crumble 🙉 – ASMR video

Hi, welcome back to this blog💁🏾 I’ve returned with another video blog post for you to watch. I used dry floral foam in this one, it’s so crunchy and crumbles easily. Also, it is a different colour and texture from the green ones too. I wonder if you can wet these ones as well🤔 Check […]

Morni-night Floral Crush🌗 – Spark Sesh✨

Incomingggg📞.. ‘Promotional post’ 🧚🏾‍♀️ Hi guys, I’m writing this post to share a video🎥 I uploaded one on to YouTube early Saturday morning and would like you to watch it. The link to the clip has been left below, enjoy👇🏾 It has a surprise feature from a furry friend, but you’ll have to stay tuned […]