VIDEO: How I Make My Morning Smoothies🥤😍🎥

Check out the latest video on how I make my smoothies on YouTube. It’s only a short clip ☺️

DIY Nails: Nail Extensions with Two Colour Design💜💛

Another nail video with two clips, accompanied with short text, click to continue reading..

DIY Nail Video: Nail Art – Two Colour Theme ❤️💜

Video on Nail Art – Two Colour Theme

Curves and All The Edges🎶👙

A Follow up post to Body Image & The Media, click on the link to continue reading..


I know from the title, you’re probably thinking “what the hell is Yogacise?”. I came up with the word not long ago, because it was the most useful way to describe the blend between practicing Yoga and doing fitness regimes in one session. Yogacise is more of a calm version of a full blown workout […]