The Real World

What is the real world? The life were living now, not the fantasy bubbles we have emerged from. All way through life we’ve been restricted by educational achievements and now we’re free do and please as we like.

Well let’s just say, ‘free’ to an extent. There are boundaries in place for us, to direct and maximise our potential, in our approaches to goals. Our qualifications act as the backbone to support our ambitions. There will be times you may experience episodes of despair and frustration, but the understanding on how to work on these emotions and overcome it , comes from the ability to see the positive within all issues.

Some of you can relate, in terms of, trying to find graduate or permanent well-paid jobs. The transition from education to the dynamics of the public sphere can be more than scary, than you will like to admit but at the same time exciting, because it’s new and fresh. It’s all about using trial and error, to figure out what’s best for your interests. Due to my religious beliefs, I believe God knows what your heart wants & so therefore, will fulfill it as long as you put in the work for it. For example, a rejection can simply be seen as opportunity for something better to come along. Not a insult to what you have to offer. So you aim to work harder to get it. Don’t become complacent, anything is possible!

Finally, another key thing to surviving in this life is to know yourself. Your integrity is most self-reliant system you can have to drive your motivation. Everyone is on their own path moving at a pace suitable for them, so don’t startled by social and external factors! 



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