Music is truthfully so satisfying. Imagine you’re listening to your favourite song; you feel the penetration of the instrumental and lyrics, in your mind and heart. It is created from an artist’s experience/viewpoint. They are able to express themselves, by rapping or singing, over the variation of beats available worldwide from producers. The global interconnectedness is shown within the music and this is what makes it relatable to us listeners. 

Obviously, you have your favourite go-to genre or song. Think about the real reason why you like it. Usually, on a subconscious level, it appeals to you, because it talks about a past experience or about a lifestyle you wish to have. For example, I like grime, because the lyrics allow me to mentally build an image, to get a better understanding of London culture and its people.

One thing to remember about music is, the industry people are aware of what sells. The more generic a song is, the greater chance of it being a worldwide success. For instance, the tune gangnam style was easy to connect with, simply because there was a universal dance routine, to go with it.

Overall, I hope music will never dies out. How could it possibly? It’s a form of art, an expression of human emotions and a tool to unify people. I’ll just continue to sit back and see how music evolves over the coming years. 



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