Reality TV

Reality TV has been active since the early 2000s, notably referring to one of my early experiences of watching Big Brother. Back then, reality seemed like reality. Sounds silly, but there was so much rawness to it. 

It stood out compared to other programmes and quickly gained popularity. I believe the public were amazed, and played the role of psychologists, watching people in a confided space, like it was a social experiment.

Recently, I’ve noticed reality TV shows are more fiction-based, than an accurate representation of real life. They claim to show reality, but what they are broadcasting is merely their version of a constructed reality. 

Some programmes such as ITVBe’s TOWIE , lets its viewers know “some of the scenes has been set up for your  entertainment”. On the other hand, you have programmes like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, who argue the programme is all reality. Despite the fact, others have contested against this statement, suggesting the scenes are scripted and re-shot if needed to.

The lack of dishonesty from reality TV could cause a decline in its fan base. To avoid this problem, i believe all reality TV shows should mention in its opening credits the extent of reality that will be shown. It would be a way to prevent reputation damage, because the viewers would be aware, so therefore the second guesses and negative comments would be common but eventually detoriate. 

This is just one view. Think about yours. 

Chanda D


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