Bittersweet Life

Life is great, you live it and enjoy it.

I’m talking about life, because it presents so many obstacles, regardless of your age and/or circumstances. I mean, some may say that you haven’t gone through anything, but what YOU have been through has meant something to YOU. It’s shaped your views and change your mind set. Who is someone to tell you your problem isn’t a problem, despite how minor or major it may be? 

Your life is what others see from the outside,but not on the inside. Nobody really wants to talk about how life attacks you internally. What I mean by this, is the times you’re in your bedroom alone. Those quiet moments where you reflect or dream and/or daydream..  You often sit up late wondering ‘where am I going’ , ‘what am I doing’ or ‘am I going to get there’. This is coming from a place of fear, which is natural, so don’t be discouraged.  It’s not that you haven’t got goals in places. It’s just you’re apprehensive about the present and future.

The funny thing is you don’t where life could take you. You hope to remain on the right path and succeed. I’ve found during these times to scan through old memories, to help me improve on myself. Find out what works for you.

Everyone has their own story and that’s okay. Think about yours, whilst I share a little part of mine. Let’s get a little personal here… I used to think I had to be a certain way, because that was what I was used to or everyone else was doing it. One thing I realised was I was only hurting myself. In order to grow, you need to accept who you are and run with it. At the end of the day, the only person you have is yourself. I’m not here to talk for everyone, because we are all different. One thing I can say is do not sacrifice your long term happiness, for the incentives of short term gratification.  

From this day, or maybe tomorrow or the next day.. promise yourself one or two things and stick to it.

It was a pleasure to write this.. CD.


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  1. Kody L says:

    Hii thanks for sharing this


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