The season has changed but what else is going on?

See the weather doesn’t give any warnings, one day you wake up and it’s extremely cold, the next it’s just about bearable.

Change is moving on to something different.. or simply deciding to experiment with new things.

Change doesn’t have to be scary, I mean you collect it after a purchase. You gladly accept it after a transaction, so why not accommodate it in real life ?

Change is the unknown, were you not once unknown to those around you? But you chose to remain in their life or for them to stay in yours, on the basis of familiarities & your compatibility.

Change is getting up in the morning and figuring out what could be done in another way. Example number one, I’m writing the top half of the blog, whilst walking to the gym. It’s a change, because I’m usually in bed doing it.

Change doesn’t have to be sudden, but rather an adjustment to circumstances going on around you. Example number two, waking up and realising improvements need to made, by exploring new methods of handling situations. 

Remain self aware, identify and recognise your strengths and weaknesses.

Chanda D


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