It wasn’t until mid/late last year that I realised there is a lot more to YouTube. It’s strange when you think about it, because most of us go on there just to listen to the latest music. However, there is so much knowledge and information that can be gained from watching videos on there.

I had an epiphany in the shower and what I concluded from it, is that YouTube is the plug to all. It is the video version of Google. Similarly, both use a search bar to explore what we are looking for within the depths of information that is available to us worldwide. The only difference is one expresses solely through moving image and audio, whilst the other one gives you several options (web, images, videos, books etc.) on how to look at it. The bottom line is both will give you the extensive amount of data stored from those couple of words you put in.

You can compare YouTube to being at school. For example, let’s say you have an exam coming up or you need to find out about a specific topic. You can actually watch a whole lecture, plus the fact, YouTube will give you what you’re looking for and some more. The related videos could have or usually does hold relevance to you. It’s like you go to Krispy Kreme and want a box of the assorted doughnuts, but then you noticed there is deal, so you can have two boxes for the price of X. So, you tap on that info as well and imagine just after one lengthy session on YouTube,  you’ve gained sufficient amount of wisdom, so it’s all rosey and you’re happy.

I think it’s way more useful for research than Google is. Just because you can hear word for word what’s being presented to you. Also, it reduces the lack of understanding that can occur from reading text.  It is easier for the ears to hear, than for the brain to translate. I know that doesn’t make sense, seeing as I am writing this blog to explain the concept.

But what I hope is for you to take on your own interpretation about it.

Chanda D


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