Brain Fog


brain activity


It’s a condition that affects many; leaving you feel like your head is chilling in the clouds but it’s not light. It feels heavy, similar to the atmosphere when it’s about to rain or furthermore, like an obstruction blocking the road so you can’t move. Even more so, for creative people, it can be a major issue, because your use of imagination is limited. This prevents you from putting your mind to good use.

I’m going to list some of the symptoms, just in case you’re wondering what to look out for:

  • low energy or feeling fatigue
  • headaches
  • irregular sleeping patterns
  • confusion/forgetfulness/memory loss
  • mismatched concentration levels
  •  (for fitness individuals) – reduced exercise regime
  • Disorientation in communication/trouble with speech

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but….

There are ways to get rid of it, once you’re aware of it:

  • Try hot spices (if you’re a person who loves spice, you’re definitely going to enjoy using this first tip lol)
  • Eating fish – Tuna and salmon are good for the brain
  • DRINK WATER – this is the main one, I’d advise you to invest in a water bottle you like (preferably a tin one). You will be more likely to drink out of it, if you admire the look of it. Similarly, when you buy a new pair of creps, you’re feeling it! so you want to wear it. OR..
  • GREEN DRINKS– Aloe Vera drink (usually a £1), any green smoothie (including spinach), Green tea (can be mixed with lemon, honey or any other fruit to maximise flavour).
  • Try out vegan or gluten free food/drinks. It has a distinct taste, but you never know you might enjoy it and plus, it doesn’t make you feel as heavy.
  • Cut out sugary/fatty foods or try and calm it down, think of takeaway foods as a treat.
  • CHOCOLATE ( don’t overindulge though, however try to find a good brand like Ritter SPORT)
  • DAILY WALKS– another good one, take a long stroll with or without headphones (your choice)
  • MASSAGES- it’s good for body and mind stimulation


For further information on brain fog, google it or click on this link: Brain Fog Info


Chanda D


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