Book Review: A Quiet Kind Of Thunder by Sara Bernard 

Book – Quiet Kind Of Thunder

This book is written by a lady called Sara Bernard. 

It discusses the complications couples face, when in a relationship with a language barrier. For example, the main characters Rhys and Steffi. Rhys is deaf and Steffi can’t speak (she has selective mutism), so therefore they communicate through sign language and lip read. It actually teaches you a bit about sign language and provides you with further information; if you’re interested to study it.

Despite their differences, it’s cute because they use this msn type messenger called Jackbytes to talk. It’s more like a snapchat version (the messages disappear). However throughout the course of the story, it shows how they face issues and overcome it. For example, they take a trip out to Scotland. Rhys has an accident whilst hiking in the mountains. This really tests their relationship, as he feels like he’s let her down but can’t express himself. 

Nevertheless they come to realise they understand each other on a fundamental level, so they overcome the minor hiccups they have.

The book also revolves around Steffi’s friendship with Tem (her best friend) and shows how having differences in friendships can be worked out. 

Overall, this book was really good to read, because you could hear the story from her perspective and understand the relationship and family issues that come up. It was like being in her brain navigating your way through how she sees her world of life. I found some parts of it to be humorous, because it reminded me of mini inserts, you know things you would be thinking in your head but won’t say out loud. Similar, to a thought bubble lol and also, the simple language that was used; direct and straight talking. 

Last but not least, it’s available at Waterstone bookstore for £7.99 

Chanda D


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