Young T x Bugsey – 4 x 4

Young T and Bugsey are a rap duo from Nottingham, United Kingdom, who have been delivering consistent bangers for a while now. They first made their mark in the music scene with the track Glistenin, afterwards releasing No Mickey Mouse Ting, and a collaborative feature with Belly Squad called Gangland. All their music is available on all major platforms (Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer etc.) . You can watch their videos on Youtube too. I’m also sure you can catch them doing live performances. I’d recommend checking out their social media pages. (It will be listed at the end of the post). 

I’ll be talking their recent song 4 x 4 produced by ScribzRiley.

The two seem to know what they are doing on every beat they touch. Every song has a smooth feel to it, with the instrumental making your head bop. Their lyrics are always accurately placed together, allowing it to collide perfectly as the song progresses. I’ve noticed their ability to produce catchy bridges and choruses. This especially can be heard on 4×4 – “Now I hop out the 4×4, man jump out one by one”. You can sing along to it quite easily without getting tangled up within it. (It’s been stuck in my head since I heard it).


The song talks about how they were trying to bring their people through but they were not interested in it. However, they are now perceived to be of a higher class status, as they have the privilege of cruising in a 4×4 vehicle with their friends. So consequently as the song continues, they dive back into the archives of their life story and explain their positions, before they got to where they are now. Young T and Bugsey also mention life-changing events and circumstances that have contributed to the upheavals in their lives. Perhaps, many artists will be able to relate to their come up in the industry. Whereas the music supporters get to understand and picture what it was like, as they take in the lyrics.  Luckily for us females, we find out Young T knows what contour does. It hasn’t been an easy road to success, but they are reaping the benefits for the journey as time goes on. Last but not least, it includes references to their popularity with the ladies.

Go and check out their music!

Twitter – @YoungTandBugsey , YoungTArtist x BugseyETMG

Instagram – youngtmusic x bugseymusic

Youtube – YoungTBugsey1



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