The Media And How It Can Affect Body Image

Healthy mind, healthy life
The Media is heavily influential for positive and negative changes. However, in regards to body image; How much images do we see a day, that is either photoshopped or quite proportionally edited, to appear to look ‘ideally’ perfect? Understandably, it is nice to want to incite an audience, but most of the time it is portraying an unrealistic standard for society to look up to. Instead, providing us with a box to fit ourselves into, anything else is deviation from what is expected.

Comfortability is the key
Magazines, TV programmes, Social Media are top three in my opinion, which contribute to this matter. I’ve been looking at these three contents to see the way they project body image to the masses. For example, in terms of physical print, they will use weight as a main attraction on their front covers to sell their magazines. Personally, I just don’t understand how they can think it is okay to do so. Can you imagine you’re comfortable as who you are and then a gossip magazine comes along to make unwarranted comments about your appearance?.. It promotes unnecessary self-doubt because it can create insecurities about how an individual should look. This isn’t good for our mental health. 

It works the same for both males and females, who are subconsciously misled to believe they must live up to societal standard. They will eventually become self-conscious about their body. This is manufactured by institutions to help keep their businesses running. How would the economy survive, if there was shortage of people failing to buy into their consumer demands. Furthermore, it would erode away the brainwashing techniques that has held society stuck within the way it runs now. There are so many homemade methods giving us ways to improve our appearance. As well as, there being a range of non/cosmetics procedure that are available to enhance your features. I don’t think people should be judged for using either methods, as long it makes you feel better.
There is no problem with wanting to look your best, everyone wants to appear look physically attractive. However, it becomes an issue when that is what you’re constantly striving for, because it doesn’t exist. You chase after it thinking somehow if you do this, maybe you’ll look different, or if you do that, that might tweak this. This is how you fall into a cycle with wanting to constantly improve on yourself. It’s even more challenging, when people are commenting on your body type. It can be hard not to internalise opinions, but just remember you’re the one who walks around 24/7 with it. Whether you work out, eat healthy, or even the opposite; you have a sweet tooth etc. Please don’t make yourself feel bad for wanting to eat it. You are responding to what your body wants at that time. Essentially, you’ll work out how to balance your diet to suit your needs/tastes.

Last but not least, it’s weird because you never really see in yourself, what others see in you. So it’s hard to believe a compliment given to you, as perhaps it does not align with the mental image of yourself. Although, knowing difference between compliments and flattery will help assure yourself, to know it is factual information. Nevertheless, everyone is unique and we should learn how to be comfortable with our differences.

Balance and Effort

There are no strict rules and regulations , just put in the work when it matters to you ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿฆ‹

Chanda D

Disclaimer: all images were taken from Google images.




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