Sociology Theory: The Lightbulb Effect x Consumption in Society πŸ”…πŸ’‘πŸ’¬

Close up glowing vintage light bulb. Isolated on black backgroun

The lightbulb effect is a term to describe the construction of an idea. When the idea lights up, you take a mental note and/or write it down. It follows the same model of the energy light circuit. For example, when the brain is in the process of making a new concept. The activity in the brain replicates the energy flowing round the circuit, once you’ve hit the on switch. In real life, the switch can be found on your wall. Whereas, in this theory, the switch becomes active once it has been activated by external sources, imagination or a combination of both, to start the process. Once the idea has been established, that’s when you “switch off”.. not entirely but just that part of the effect.

(Back into relaxed mode)

Last night, I had a thought which came to mind surprisingly around 00:19 and I’m going to share it…

It seems consumption is at a high now in today’s society. Everywhere we go, we are being bombarded with stuff to buy. I think technology has made it easier for the consumer society to increase, as online shopping has become more prominent than ever. You’re receiving offers and deals directly to your mobile via emails or notifications. As well as, on TV adverts, the internet, magazines.Β Welcome to the age of the smart phone!. Moreover remember, when Instagram was picture platform, it still is but it is becoming the biggest online store. Twitter not so much, people still use it to express their ‘thoughts’. There’s no doubt that social media has helped businesses; it allows them to reach a bigger audience, as oppose to being confined to a shop on the high street. However it does raise the question, will the number of shops decline as the years go on and will this mean social media shopping will continue to grow increasingly?

Furthermore, think about the idea thatΒ society is moving towards a place where most people are starting their own businesses. The years will go on and the big corporations will be decrease, because the small businesses will eventually take over. This would mean everyone will be supporting each other, rather than competing for sales. Everything will be interconnected, so there will be no need for it. Already now, you see people doing that. For example, it is easier to tag the company in your own post, benefitting both the company and the consumer. It promotes brand awareness online to reach masses. As, the individual influences others’ to purchase the goods, depending on how well it suits the person (I think then people will be more inclined to buy).Β 

In conclusion, I think it would be intriguing to follow the trends into the future, through part participation part observation and see what happens in the world around usΒ (you can’t always have everything or want everything, sometimes you have to take a back seat LOL) .Β 

“A thought is expression so I’ll write it down” …

I’ll probably update this blog or do a follow-up to it.

Please do feel welcome to share your thoughts on this topic below, or you can find me on social media: chandademi and hashtag #TheLightbulbEffect with your tweet/post.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day πŸ™‚

Chanda Demi West



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