Let, Live, Go 🦋🕊

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Let, Live, Go..

The topic of today’s post is PTSD. I’m going to explain the basics and provide you guys with the relevant information for further insight.

PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which can induced by a traumatic event. It’s most commonly acknowledge for soldiers who experience it from going to war. Also, it can occur in other cases where the person has been shaken up following a life-changing event, an intense encounter or attack.

It is something you live with 24/7 and is difficult to switch off. For example, you live in your own house, you just can’t evict your self. You have to wait for new tenants to buy the property. Similar to PTSD, it sits with you until you’ve figured out how to start surviving functionally again. This requires you to consciously work on it, as you re-wire your internal dialogue back to health.

(Each day is a new day, so you take it as it comes)

The condition can last many years, depending on the individual once triggered and you can learn how to manage it using the appropriate tools and exercises to help ground you. Once you have established what works for you, then the effect it has on you starts reducing. This is because you’re learning how to balance and level yourself, so your mind and body becomes one. Rather than being two separate entities. The mind, body and soul is one . Eventually, your body will learn to relax so you live more efficiently. It’s not an overnight growth. It may take weeks, months or years , but remember you’re basically like a caterpillar growing into a butterfly. So, make sure you’re not too hard on yourself.

Here are two links to a more detailed explanation, with one providing an additional worksheet:

Mind.org.uk – PTSD

PTSD – Printable Help Sheet

Here are some of the 4 ways to lessen the symptoms of PTSD:

  • Triggers – Learn what your triggers are and find a way to counteract them for having full effect on you. You still maybe triggered, but as you practise, gradually the force of it will decrease. You can note them down or monitor your progress in a book.
  • Exercise (light and/or that makes you pay attention to what’s going on in your body such as Yoga or weights. These type of exercise make you focus on different parts of your body and the impact it’s having on it by loosing you up.
  • Mediatition/Prayers– sitting with your own thoughts, without distractions – let, live, let it go. Pay attention to the sensations and breathing in your body. Write in a diary or notebook.
  • Grounding techniques – participate in activities that activate all five senses, through observation, using objects or scents that help you to not disassociate from the now.
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Thanks for reading this post, feel free to share it or show it to someone who may benefit from it.

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