Nail Art: Festive Colours♥️💛

Helloo welcome to tonight’s post!

I thought I’d try something new this evening. It’s a short random one but it’s definitely a change from the usual. It’s okay to switch up your routine sometimes and give yourself a manicure/pedicure💅🏾 . It’s not like you can leave your home at this time to visit a nail shop LOL.

So here’s to the more lighthearted approach this late evening.. I enjoy painting nails. You can just mix & match colours on how you feel. Or you can think about which design you want. The concentration on the task at hand grounds you to remain present, because you dedicate time to each nail. I chose to go with gold and red this time. The colours are a great combination, which compliment each other well. Also, you tend to see those colours on Christmas decorations too. It is used to design festive-related items such as crackers, table cloths and jumpers.

Well here’s a video of the nail look I created today:

” ] #StayPolished 😍😍 –

What colours are you choosing to use this season?


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