#BookReview : Another Day πŸ“š


I haven’t done a book review since last year, so I’ve returned this year with the latest piece of literature I’ve read. It’s a book called Another Day by David Levithan. There’s also a second part to it, which hopefully I intend to read.

Let’s get started..

This has to be one of the strangest books I’ve read, mainly because there is so many situations going on at once. It is set in America, focussing on two main characters Rhiannon and Justin, who are in a long term relationship. However, not everything is what it seems. They have intimacy issues, as Justin doesn’t know how to express and allow himself to be vulnerable. She feels she’s the only one who can keep their union going. Therefore she does everything she can, even though being with him is in comparison talking to a brick wall.

In the beginning of the story, after school they go for a long drive to their local beach for relaxation time, but after sharing a nice evening together. Justin drops a bombshell saying “don’t expect me to be like this after today” . This comes as a shock, because it implies he finds it hard to maintain a positive outlook on life. It makes Rhiannon struggles to keep them afloat, because the effort is only one sided. She wishes to believe he can love her in the way she wants. In reality, it’s far from impossible because there are emotional blockages.

In the middle, they go to a house party with their friends to celebrate and have fun. The couple continue to hold the image of being the ‘normal average’ couple. It’s more that Rhiannon wishes to keep their issues private, because she knows deep down he is no good for her.  You overlook certain aspects of your other half, when you love them because you would like to keep things as they are. It is familiar territory to you, so you don’t necessarily want to jeopardise it. However, in a turn of events (the irony LOL), she meets someone at this party and exchanges details. They share email addresses, but seeing as she’s drunk. The evening becomes a major blur, so she does not pay attention that night.

Due to her problems with Justin, she starts communicating with A through email. I think A provided her with the intimacy she was lacking with Justin. Or at least, ‘he’ was helping her to fill a void. However, she doesn’t acknowledge or understand who she’s communicating with. So, we come to acknowledge mystery person ‘A’ has identity issues. He comes to her in a different ‘body/person’ every time they meet up, which leaves her feeling confused over their situation. This all occurs, whilst the breakdown of her current relationship comes crashing down.

I don’t want to reveal all in this review, but I’d suggest reading the book, so you can put your imagination at rest and have the blanks filled in around the concept I’ve set out in this post. 

The book ends on a cliffhanger, I was shocked because I wanted the book to finish with a concrete conclusion. It seems that I’ll have to read the other book to this one, which is called Every Day. Maybe it will show the story from another perspective, as this one side of the story. I would say it’s more intriguing the way the author has left it, because it gives you no other option but to stayed tuned and buy the second book. The plot is relatable, because many girls go through cases where they are in the same position as Rhiannon, so they can identify with her and the problems she’s facing.

Another possibility could be that I’ve read the stories the wrong way round, that’s why everything seems up in the air LOL, but who knows..

The book is available at WHSmith for Β£7.99 or visit your local bookstore and request it at the till

Thank you for reading this review πŸ™‚

Chanda Demi West



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