DIY Nail Extensions: Subtle Simple❤️🖤


Welcome to another nail video..

I’ve returned with a new experiment tried and tested last week. I attempted to do love hearts by free styling it with a brush from a nail tool kit. The brushes are from New Look, but I think the pattern will be easier to do with stencils. Rather than just freestyling it and hoping for the best LOL. On that subject, I think I’ve just come up with an idea to get out of that problem.

Watch the space..

As you can see above, I chose to go with red, black and white. Three good contrasting colours that are vibrant on the eye. I kept to the Valentine’s Day theme, because this post goes out on the day and to those who will be celebrating. (That makes it a tad bit late, but you may want to continue the theme after the day).  Nail extension tips were added  and I used gel top coat with normal nail polish. Rimmel London 60 sec was the choice for the colour polish coat, completed with base and top coat.

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A manicure was done before hand to prepare the nails for the session. The whole procedure took over an hour to do. You want to take your time, so things don’t go wrong (this can’t always be avoided but you learn how to work around it). Especially, when you go over the nail bed and you have to wait for it to dry before using varnish to remove it. Last time it was mentioned, the glue I used was most effective and it’s the same one I used this time. It can be purchased on Amazon, search in ‘3D nail glue’. It allows the tips to stay on for a long period. 2 weeks is the max for me, but it would be good to try out and see how long it works for you. Everyone has different daily requirements which may affect the duration of the length it says on.

Note: The use of household gloves when washing up will help prevent from damaging your nails and keep them looking good.

Thank you for viewing and reading this post

Chanda D


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