Life Skills 101

Date entry: Thursday the 5th of April 2018

Edited on: Friday the 6th of April 2018

visuals by chandademi
visuals by chandademi

I came up with this idea in the bathroom after I had a thought about growing up. As we’ve grown up, we have to learn how to do adult things. Even the minor stuff can seem to be a big thing because it’s something we haven’t done before. Automatically, as our parent/s have always done it for us. It can be so little but you realise after a while, how much of a difference it made in your life. This is when you had minimal responsibilities to take care of.

Below, I will be listing a couple of life skills I’ve learnt or observed along the way + hopefully, they will be of help to you in one way or another:

  • Teeth Brushing: you’ll need to change your toothbrush often. How you will know your brush needs changing if the bristles are not as effective as they once were. Usually, it goes spiky and leans out to the side; that is a major sign you need to buy a new one. Also, purchasing a firm brush over a medium or soft will do more, as it has greater strength to remove any excess build up of dirt and give your teeth overall a better clean. It will leave with better satisfaction, knowing its got up all in there. Electric ones are a good investment, so are Listerine Reach ones too.
  • Food Shopping: Either your mum or dad has been the main culprit of providing food in the house for you to eat right? Have you ever thought about doing a food shop for yourself? You may find as you get older, your taste changes. You want to branch out a try new things and find yourself not liking stuff you were once into as a child. Food shop is a good opportunity to test out a little independence. You don’t have to spend loads of money, set yourself a rough budget + see where the shop takes you.
  • Bills: Bills is a proper adult thing when you come to think of it. When you were younger, you were no way in any form thinking about that. Until you get to an age where you want the latest phone, so, therefore, you take out a contract. Or getting your first car, which requires high maintenance on a constant basis. The money is coming out of your hard earnings, adds to your adult boost.
  • Routine: It gives you a structured day, you can change it when and if it permits to do so. However, having a basic daily routine might make things easier for you in general. It gives you a well-rounded day of expectations. Or allows you to plan around (especially with work & meals). It can also make you feel comfortable, but everything is going as it should.
  • Expansion: I’ve spoken on doing new things before in the previous posts. It is great for your senses and your overall outlook on life. In some circumstances, you’ve been used to what you know. So, in this instance, expand out of your usual and do something different. It is up to you what you decide to do, just make sure you branch out into the unknown. Your body and brain will reward you, for teaching or letting you experience new things.


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