“Nail Gaming” 💅🏽🎮


Writing again ….

I’ve featured this photograph for one purpose only – OPTICAL ILLUSION!

For this nail design, the waning and waxing crescent moon were printed on shellac nails.

The whole process took 1 – 3 hours whilst gaming.

Multi-tasking evening catching shooting stars painting nails much to my amusement; Pressing ‘A’, manoeuvring the right joystick, all while stroking and UV LED drying polish.

Until the next post 😉

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Portable Gaming & Music 🎮🎵

Portable Gaming & Music 🎮🎵

Photo by Dark Indigo on Pexels.com

Hi there,

I’ve been away from my blog. In that period of time, I’ve gotten back into handheld games, developed nail painting skills and produced a new mix too.

Ohh yeah, I stopped procrastinating and started reading my book again! I may do a review once it’s finished but I’m not too sure yet. I’ve come back into myself – GREAT! Hopefully I can keep it up and not be distracted.

*lets not get sidetracked*

I’ve posted a new gaming video on YouTube:

Click and watch😊


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Hope you enjoy and stay tuned!💛

5 Social Media Finds Online📲


With all the catastrophe going on due to Coronavirus. I decided to lighten the mood since we’re in solitary confinement. It’s a time to find ways to keep occupied despite the magnitude of the current crisis we’re in. Understandably, we’re unsure how long it will last but indulging in our favourite hobbies or activities will ease the stress during this difficult time. 

I’ll be continuing with the [5] series and sharing my online finds. It’s media which has captured my interest so why not show it to the rest of the world.

See what’s made the list…

  • The Sims 4 Gallery  They’re so many beautiful creations from other Simmers and I built a celebrity rooftop mansion in Del Sol Valley. You’ll find the showcase by searching my ID ‘chandademi’ in the game. Currently, I’m ‘selling’ parts of the house:

    cc: Maxis
  • Plead The 5th – Young T and Bugsey released a new collection of songs. I tend to not listen to albums/mixtapes but because it’s these two I did. They are both from Nottingham, one of my favourite cities in the UK, so I took the time to listen and enjoyed what I heard. Their music is available on all major music platforms to stream, listen and buy. Also, I’ve written a review on one of their earlier tunes –  Young T x Bugsey – 4 x 4 :

  • ASMR Videos They are the best and I watch them all the time. I like the Marko foam crushes. The crunch is what really gets me! Absolutely love it❤️ . I’d like to share one of my favourite clips:

A message for desktop readers – “(ASMR is so special, it doesn’t align😂)” 

  • BlockuDoku – I found this mind puzzle game from an ad on YouTube and downloaded it from the App Store. It’s easy to use and suitable for all ages:

cc: Easybrain


  • FashionNova – I see their fashion pictures and usually save my favourite Instagram posts. They are a go-to for online shopping. I’ll leave a link to their website here: https://www.fashionnova.com

cc: FashionNova.com


What are your online finds?



I’ll see you in the next post, stay updated!💛

The Sims 4: 3-Storey Mossy Lane – (3 Bed, 2 Bathrooms) 🏡🏠


194B5E4A-0931-494E-A68A-415CFB887DF9 2
Photo credit: Chanda D📸

Happy New Year!

Hello & welcome back to my blog 🙂

It’s the first post of the year and I’m glad to be posting again. This time I’ve returned with a new interior design project. The renovated home is a 3-storey house in Britechester.

I’ll be giving access to the completed project and have broken the pictures into categories. It’s easier to look and find a specific room you’re looking for.

It was newly furnished for a family of four. The house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. They recently moved during Summer and were previously located in Honeydew Fields. Eventually, the house became too small, because the family was expanding.

Master bedroom (with office) + ensuite bathroom (top floor):

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Middle floor bathroom, second + third bedroom:

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First/ground floor – living room, kitchen , and small toilet room:

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For more content, check out the other posts and also, I have an Instagram account dedicated to gaming too.

Thank you for watching the exhibition + stay tuned for more posts too!


The Sims 4: Glamorous University Housing🎓 – 1 Bed 1 Bathroom Home👜👠



Photo credit: Chanda D W📸



It’s officially 24 days until Christmas🎄

Welcome back to my blog and I’ve returned with a new post 🙂

I’m back from a mini posting break. During that time, I’ve been working on house builds and dealing with other matters too.

Discover University was the latest expansion pack released by the Sims franchise. I had the pleasure to play and explore its facilities during gameplay.

I’m currently still curiously pursuing its features and may upload more interior design projects in the future.

This time, I decide to renovate Honeydew Fields, which is a 1-bedroom house in the city of Britechester.

The house prior to its change was outdated and not suitable for a university student.

I revamped the entire home into a glamorous house with luxurious furnishings – made especially for a girly girl.

As it stands, the house consists of 1 bedroom 1 bathroom and has a garden. It’s near two universities and has access to natural environments.

Also, there’s local hang out spots and establishments ready-made to study too.

Let’s check out the pictures photographed of each room 📸⬇️



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More Sims 4 content!:

Thank you for viewing this post + stay tuned for the next one!💛

Sims 4: 2-Bed City Apartment Transformation🏙


Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 11.38.33 AM
Photo Credit: Chanda D W📸


Helllo 🙋🏾

Welcome back to my blog🤗

I’ll be showing pictures of the latest property development project I undertook.

A while ago, I renovated a 2-bed apartment in the city.  It was made for 2 females, who were city interns and I designed a fit which would suit their personalities and career choice.

I had the pleasure of transforming a dark and unfulfilled space into a contemporary, vibrant environment perfectly made for the female nature.

This is one of my favourite interior design projects so far! So I’m excited to share the pictures below:


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Thank you for viewing this property exhibition! + stay tuned for more posts 💛

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