romance, cupid?

lady and man


Roman’ingly “Cupid is the son of Venus and the god of Love; in Latin he is called Amor, and in Greek, Eros. He is usually shown as a winged child. His attributes are a bow, arrow and quiver. Those hit by his arrows become lovers.”

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stunned in the 2nd phase

Arranged by cosmology


MUSKY ( a:l / a:d )


colour clouded

Not#BookReview : Everyday 📚📝

kiki cookii

Opening The Chamber Of Secrets …

Her appearance on the island

Fashion stylist in tow marking the occasion

Response To @Bustle Article: Cats See Humans As Bigger Cats😺

Pose 😼

Superstitiously known to be a bad luck omen. FALSE. They are indoor-outdoor domestic pets. Highly receptive to human company. Often associated with Halloween and Witchcraft.

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It’s before October.

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“Nail Gaming” 💅🏽🎮


Writing again ….

I’ve featured this photograph for one purpose only – OPTICAL ILLUSION!

For this nail design, the waning and waxing crescent moon were printed on shellac nails.

The whole process took 1 – 3 hours whilst gaming.

Multi-tasking evening catching shooting stars painting nails much to my amusement; Pressing ‘A’, manoeuvring the right joystick, all while stroking and UV LED drying polish.

Until the next post 😉

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Portable Gaming & Music 🎮🎵

Portable Gaming & Music 🎮🎵

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Hi there,

I’ve been away from my blog. In that period of time, I’ve gotten back into handheld games, developed nail painting skills and produced a new mix too.

Ohh yeah, I stopped procrastinating and started reading my book again! I may do a review once it’s finished but I’m not too sure yet. I’ve come back into myself – GREAT! Hopefully I can keep it up and not be distracted.

*lets not get sidetracked*

I’ve posted a new gaming video on YouTube:

Click and watch😊


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Hope you enjoy and stay tuned!💛