The End of Education

  YOU MADE IT!   Those long 17/18 years in education all came to end this year. Looking at it in terms of years, makes you realise how much patience you had as an individual for the educational system. Lets back track to those early years of life… As a toddler going into nursery, you…More

The Real World

What is the real world? The life were living now, not the fantasy bubbles we have emerged from. All way through life we’ve been restricted by educational achievements and now we’re free do and please as we like. Well let’s just say, ‘free’ to an extent. There are boundaries in place for us, to direct…More


I feel like choosing to go uni is a decision that requires thought. Sometimes people go uni for the wrong reasons, for example because of their parents or peer pressure. I use to be critical of people who didn’t choose to uni until I reached second year. Originally I wanted to do a year long…More


Wow this is my first ever blog. I feel like I have so much to say so writing blogs will give me a chance to release that. Let me introduce myself, I’m Chanda West. I will be writing blogs about various topics, whatever comes to mind really so watch the space!More