I feel like choosing to go uni is a decision that requires thought. Sometimes people go uni for the wrong reasons, for example because of their parents or peer pressure. I use to be critical of people who didn’t choose to uni until I reached second year. Originally I wanted to do a year long apprenticeship in media before coming to uni. My parents didn’t think it was a good idea. The problem with African parents is that their views on education is outdated. They advised me to just go uni because otherwise I would be wasting time. I always knew I wanted to study Media at uni and was relieved my parents accepted my course choice. I don’t really understand why Media isn’t a respected degree, like I mean everything these days links back to the media. It has a dominant position in society. I learn about other subjects within my media degree. I’ve been studying media since I was 14 and for some strange reason found it fascinating. I actually had a weird obsession with gossip magazines for a while actually. Anyways I feel like Media doesn’t get the recognition it deserves as a degree. I would rather pay 9K a year for a course I enjoy doing than ever pay for a course I’ve been forced to do. Or a course that  guarantees employment. Many people choose to do degrees that they are not passionate about, which I think is wrong. Why would you pay money for something you’re not interested in? .. .There is many times when I’ve asked someone the reason for doing their course and they have responded “because of my parents” or “I will have a guaranteed job”. In some circumstances, parents live their lack of education through their kids by pushing them to a course they wanted to do. This is wrong and I believe as a parent ,its your responsibility to allow your child to feel comfortable making their own decisions and support them, not pressurise. I feel like some parents don’t understand how stressful it is revising for exams or trying to complete coursework. Its literally just you and masses of paper work or books in front of you trying to figure out the information which will secure you a good grade; praying that you don’t fail because you don’t want to fail yourself or your parents. Those intense moments of despair where you feel like giving up but then you remember it will all be worth it. I found comfort praying to God in those moments, I have these conversations with Him where I feel the most at peace and immediately I’m reassured that I can do it, I am me and nothing can stand in my way apart from a negative attitude. That mentality is what has got me through this term and I will continue to use it as a driving force in life. One message to remember “I am me and nothing can stand in my way apart from a negative attitude”. Wishing whoever reads this to have success in your coursework/exams/life etc! C.D.W x